Hersheypark Skyrush Preview Party Part #3 (5-25-12)


Time for the final section of the Preview Party!

The sun has set. Time to head to Creekside Catering to kick off the fun!

Some work still needs to be done, but it’s coming along nicely and offers a great view of Skyrush’s far turnaround.

Here are the winners for the first ride!

Fun over at the Ride Institute Jr. Researcher table!

The fountains are on, the path is on, and now it’s time to ride!

So much track crossing over this path!

The lift hill looks great lit up!

This spot is awesome!

Let’s ride!

The way the station looks inside is slightly better than Lightning Racer’s in detail and brightness.

Height sign!

Two new additions for 2012 side-by-side (Skyrush and new Looper trains).

Going under Comet’s first drop reminds me of the entrance to Thunderbolt at Kennywood.

…It’s high up there.

The station looks great at night.

Remember the old path that used to run from Storm Runner to Roller Soaker called Canyon Pass? Meet it’s replacement.

This path is just as quiet as Canyon Pass with little foot-traffic and great views of a large attraction.

So much airtime on both of those hills!

There is nothing like going 17mph over a 200 foot first drop! If you sit in the back, you get two airtime moments for the price of one!

X marks the spot!

In the end, it was an awesome event with a lot of fun and great friends.

Time for a review.

The lift hill gets you up to the top in no time at all and depending on where you sit, you can get one or even two moments of airtime going down the first drop. Going over the first hill (80ft), the train hardly looses any speed and you are literally ejected out of your seat.

The first high-speed turn does give some positive g-forces and the second airtime hill (60ft) gives just as much ejector airtime as the first one. From here you cruise right into the stengel dive element with such grace and followed by my favorite turn on the ride.

You next fly slightly up and bank to the right and whip around the last far turn and then climb in the curved airtime hill with the same amount of airtime as the others. Next is the final airtime hill, which is just like the hill on Fahrenheit, but on steroids and it delivers a powerful punch as you whip over it. To wrap it up, the track then turns up over Comet and Scrambler and into the reduction brakes. Depending on how full the train is, you can still have a decent amount of speed that can whip you around the turn over Comet’s station and into the final brakes.

I was riding in the center seat on this ride, but I found that the outer seats seem to provide a much more intense ride than the center and the back outer seats seem to be the most intense of them all.

To combat the thigh trouble, I found that if you lean slightly forward with your legs bent back under your seat, it improves the ride experience. I have had no trouble with pain.

In conclusion, Skyrush has to be the best steel coaster I have ever ridden with more airtime than El Toro and Phantom’s Revenge combined! Get out and ride this thing!

The Opening Day Update is coming soon with tons of action shots! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Hersheypark Skyrush Preview Party Update #2 (5-25-12)

Let’s check out the area around Skyrush’s station.

Both of these signs can be found at the bridges leading into the Hollow.

Before you ask, no there aren’t three trains. 😛

A nice big Fahrenheit-style Skyrush sign has been added to the rear of the station.

The queue.

The height sign and part of the test-seat.

The test seat also has a control panel.

Won’t be closed for very long! One more part for the Preview Party to go! Thanks for reading!