Hersheypark/Chocolate World Off-Season Update 1/17/2014

Howdy guys, its time for another off-season update!

Last week in the Facebook page, I posted the first off-season update for the winter and it confirmed that much of the retail area of Chocolate World was going to be renovated with a new appearance debuting for Spring. We also discovered that the former Group Sales building was in the process of being removed.

This week, we’ll revisit these locations to see what’s new and take a peek from Park Blvd to see if any work has begun on the new Tea Cups and Sweet Swing in the Hollow. Unfortunately given where it’s located, Cocoa Cruiser might be a tough one to follow. On to the photos!

Since last week, it seems that there is nothing left of the Group Sales building in Tram Circle.

Since last week, it seems that there is nothing left of the Group Sales building in Tram Circle.


In addition to the removal, it looks like work on rebuilding has started.


The base for the building at this point looks similar in size to the old one.


The former shade arbors still exist, but the roof has been taken off.


Since half of Tram Circle and Tudor Square is currently a construction area, we’re going to stay to the upper part to get updates for now.


Much of the Candylane displays have been packed away for the season. Let’s check out Chocolate World.


Just as I got there, finishing touches were just being added to the new graphics on the construction walls in the lobby.


In the Food Court, the walls are just plain pieces of drywall.


These are not the droids you’re looking for…


The original entrance and exit has now re-opened from the looks of it. Here’s a side note; Chocolate World is hosting Zumba and some family activities during Saturdays and Sundays in the month of January (and Jan. 20th).


Work is currently going on in the hallway corridor that links the lobby to the food court.


I think this might actually get more people over to the BakeShop area of the building as I hardly ever see many people casually venturing over there (besides the Candybar attraction and Dessert Studio). The lobby never really had any directional signs before construction began.


The Tour Ride’s queue is still pretty much the same as last week. I guess you could technically say that this is the entrance right now since the exit shares the same path starting here.


Is it April yet?


Let’s check out The Hollow from along Park Blvd.


The older Hollow Games building is still standing and looks like nothing has happened here yet. Then again, the Tea Cups and Sweet Swing are pretty simple and probably won’t take all winter to build. We still have quite a bit of off-season to go, so be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and the blog for the latest updates leading up to Springtime in the Park!

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