Hershey in the Snow and Chocolate World Construction 2/6/14

Quite a few things popped up over at Chocolate World this past week despite a few snowstorms. Other than Chocolate-Covered February (which runs from now until February 28th), concept artwork has shown up giving us a picture on how everything will look, also it seems that much of the old entrance ramp has been gutted and work seems to be occurring on the other side of the Tour Ride queue behind the shipping containers.

You can check out this update in Vine-form by checking out the link below:

KT Vine Update 2/6/14

Work now seems to be occurring on the entrance side of the Tour Ride entrance ramp.

Work now seems to be occurring to the right side of the queue in the Tour Ride entrance.

DSC00303I never really knew that there was so much space back there!


Some concept artwork has been put up in the hallway and lobby featuring what the renovations will look like when finished.


In the background you can see the new entrance for the Chocolate Tour Ride, from what it seems. The theming appears to be something along the lines of a factory setting. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Speaking of snow, Hershey has been hit with two pretty big snow and ice storms this past week, which made for a perfect opportunity to go out and get a few winter shots from Pat’s Hill (the hill that Hotel Hershey sits on).

DSC00269 DSC00272 DSC00273 DSC00270 DSC00297 DSC00298 DSC00275  DSC00279 DSC00280 DSC00281 DSC00282 DSC00288 DSC00289 DSC00290 DSC00291 DSC00293 DSC00294 DSC00296 DSC00277

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