Throwback Thursday: Hersheypark 1980 Map/Brochure

Here is a pretty interesting find and something that I’ve been itching to share. I always find theme park history to be quite interesting as they usually are ever-changing with something being added just about every year. Park maps and other souvenirs act somewhat as preservers of those times and what I have for this Throwback Thursday is especially that.



1980 was a year that brought two new attractions to Hersheypark: Pirat(e) and Cyclops as well as the Sooperdooperlooper celebrating it’s third birthday. The park only had three roller coasters in all, went no farther back than the Dry Gulch Railroad (which only was half the size of what it was today), and featured a petting zoo on top of ZooAmerica, which has already been open for two years since this time. This map doesn’t go into great detail on every single attraction, building, or ride, but it kind of gave the guest the idea of the layout.

1544326_10202754243470709_108681889_nSome of the Guest Information policies haven’t changed much over the years; just with more being added on due to the change of times.

1601023_10202754243670714_491166757_nOld advertisements like these are always interesting to read years later. A $1,000 scholarship back then probably would take a big chunk out of college tuition. Today, it barely does much. As for encyclopedias, they are slowly becoming the way of the dinosaurs (if not already!).



Quite a few resident shows happening back in 1980. Sea lions AND Dolphins called the Aquatheatre home back then. Dolphins ceased being used in the early to mid. 2000s. Dance, Dance, Dance was a show that was a tradition and continued on for quite a bit. The Hound Dog Jamboree was show that featured animatronic dogs playing some country music. Lastly, the Fest Haus (where Minetown Restaurant is today) seems to have featured some classic Pa Dutch folk-dancing. The park didn’t really seem to have a Summer Concert Series, but the did have a few special shows in May such as the band Pentagon, which is actually scheduled to play at the park on Sunday, May 18th!

By the length of the schedule, the season for the park is much shorter than what it is currently as there is no Springtime, Halloween or Christmas event; Only the summer season from May 10th to September 28th.

A list of five restaurants in the park along with their food specialties is also given. Some of the offerings seem pretty good (especially the Fest Haus and Dutch Restaurant)!

I hope to do more of these Throwback brochures in the future as they are quite interesting to do!



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