Laff Trakk Construction Update: 11/24/14

It’s been a few weeks since the last Hersheypark Laff Trakk update and it seems that much of the base for the show building has been installed. From what it appears, part of the building next to the Midway Tent will be higher than the area when the ride will be. This means that the loading station may be situated at this end with the coaster going up the lift towards the Whip.



Still no track or ride pieces seen yet, but with much of the foundation for the building present, it probably won’t be long until it shows up. Individual footers aren’t required for this type of ride, so it might not take too long for it to go up.





Elsewhere in Midway America, the food trailers have been removed from the area and Ferris Wheel has been taken apart down to its basic frame.


Thanks for reading!