About Keystone Thrills:

A History of Us:

Keystone Thrills began in January 2009 as a discussion forum called Hersheypark Crazy, which focused on the discussion of Hersheypark, Knoebels, Dutch Wonderland, and the areas around them. The forums seemed to have a decent amount of traffic over the few months, but we wanted to broaden our focus on to more parks in the general region. In August 2009, Keystone Thrills was born.

From late 2009 to the middle of 2010, we saw steady growth in the newly created forums, but it wasn’t until rumors of a new coaster at Hersheypark started circling that activity began to spike. Starting in June 2010, updates were regularly posted by users showing locations of surveying markers and stakes around the Comet Hollow area of the park. In mid-October that year, several members from the site were approached by characters from the Ride Institute of Technology and were given the first clue on what would be an incredibly-detailed marketing game for Hersheypark’s newest coaster.

Starting in January 2011, construction on the new coaster began and for the next year and a half, Keystone Thrills documented the complete construction of the Skyrush roller coaster from pre-construction to it’s grand opening on a frequent basis. Following its opening, the forums and blog slowly decided to take a break and all focus was transferred to the Facebook page.

In 2014, Keystone Thrills is currently on track to have a very successful year with a new website, completely renovated discussion forums, a brand-new fansite/un-official travel guide for Hersheypark and much more to come. Be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter page and this blog to stay updated for these upcoming announcements.

Keystone Thrills’ focus is on covering the news, providing information, and serving as a place of discussion of Pennsylvania’s theme parks, and other parks outside of the state.

Keystone Thrills does not permit the posting of any illegally obtained or confidential photos, videos, recordings, or news. Anyone posting such media on the forums, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blog, or website will be subjected to removal/banishment of membership from the website, and possibly referred to the park in-question. Upon signing up to the forums, liking or following the Facebook and Twitter pages, or commenting on the blog, you agree that Keystone Thrills has the right to remove a post, comment, link, thread, or review if it is viewed as unfair, considered as harassment, bullying, spam, etc.

This blog, the forum, websites, and social media pages are in no way endorsed or affiliated with Hershey Entertainment, Cedar Fair LP, Knoebels, Palace Entertainment, or any other theme park company.


5 thoughts on “About Keystone Thrills:

  1. Love your website and SkyRush photo updates. I live in South FL so I appreciate the pictures. Can’t wait to ride SkyRush. I’m looking for pics from 2004 of the Giant Wheel dismantling. Hersheypark had those pics removed off of a website but I’d like to see them if you can send them. Thanks!!

    • Hey Chris, thanks for following the blog! As far as the photos for Giant Wheel, I have not come across any photos of the occasion and since they were removed off of the website, it was probably for a good reason. Sorry! 😦

  2. Pleasure following your updates, nice pics but i think keeping the old construction pics is getting old keep some but not all because everytime i come on this site it freezes up my computer and messes up my computer Just so you know but otherwise im happy there a new coaster in the park ill ride it when i go to hershey ok….. ;/

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