Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #66 (12-31-11)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the very last update of 2011. In the past 11 months we went from looking at pictures of dirt, to footers, to supports, then finally to goldenrod track. We also solved the mystery and hidden secrets of the Ride Institute and LaMarcus Bros. and discovered what it truely means to Ride the Edge. We have a lot to see, so let’s get at it!

From the old entrance pathway to Chocolate World, Skyrush seems to fit perfectly into the Hersheypark skyline.

Now with both lift hill supports up, we can now get a better sense at the size of this beast.

This newly-discovered spot also sports a great view of the Stengel Dive element.

…and first drop.

Back on Park Blvd, we can also get a good view of the new support from here.

What was a densely overgrown area a year ago is now starting to look like it fits in with the park.

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. It is at a slight angle.

Scaffolding. That’s a good sign.

More track and the weird angled support , which looks like it will be attached to the top of the new lift support, has shown up.

All three track pieces are listed in the 80s, which probably means that they are for the part after the turn over Comet.

Drainage for the path?

That’s an awkward support.

Support 57L

Some of the computer systems have arrived in the new building.

Most likely the yellow pieces might be painted blue.

Something seems to be happening on the motor platform.

Because of the rain this week, looks like a lot of progress has been going on over at the station.

More piping and the station wall that runs along the track area has gone up.

It’s visible from Tudor Square.

Let’s see what it looks like at the preview center in Rhineland.

In the matter of one and a half months, a lot has been installed.

The path looks like it’s going to come close to Skyrush. I have a lot of great photos will be taken there once that path opens!


Ninety Degrees!

It also dominates over Founder’s Circle.

The path to Dinosaur-Go-Round has a good straight-on view of the airtime hill.

Here, my friend Brandon is standing in front of the airtime hill.

Also, New Year’s Eve was the last day of operation for Tiny Tracks.

It has been in operation since 1995 and was built by Zamperla.

I have a photo of me riding it in it’s first year of operation and enjoyed it as a kid.

Time for it to join the other rides of Hersheypark’s past.

Back to Skyrush.

Comet looks like it’s going to have a new headchopper element.

May will be here sooner than you think.

The railings and queue coverings have been hiding out down here.

Footers for the brake run are done!

Looper Lanes reminds me of a gift shop right now for some reason.

This looks similar to Steel Force with Thunderhawk standing next to it.

Footers for the transfer track are going in.

Straight ahead is what looks to be the elevator shaft. To the left might be the mechanical room for it.

It’s starting to take shape.

Whack-A-Mole will be moving over to the front of Comet’s queue.

The restrooms look like they are going to be located directly under the loading and unloading platform for the station. This looks like it’s going to be piping for some sinks.

The next couple of photos were taken by Walt from the Project 2012 Group on New Year’s Eve (last day of the 2011 season).

Got to love the fancy supports on this ride.

This ride just keeps suprising everyone.

This photo gives me chills.

Comet’s height sign has been untouched.

Over in the airfield, the first yellow piece of the lift hill has been loaded up on to a flatbed and is ready to be transported over to the site.

The turn over Comet from the Kissing Tower.

Some footers inside of Comet still need to be poured. They also appear to be re-tracking the brake run for 2012.

That’s the last update from 2011 for Skyrush, folks! With turning the corner into 2012, we are now within the same year that we all will be pull down the restraints and scream down that 85 degree drop. With slightly over five more months to go, be sure to keep checking back for more on the latest as we continue to follow the construction of a roller coaster from the ground-up!

Have a Thrilling 2012!

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6 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #66 (12-31-11)

  1. Happy new year to everyone.and first is SDL getting new magnetic breaks with the new trains and if so have they worked on making the change or will that come later. Glad to see HP is upgrading comet hollow. The last few years they haven’t done much there since they were focused on other areas.

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  3. Pingback: Anonymous

  4. I love how Hershey puts new attractions in differentiates of thek instead of year after year putting new rides on one area of the park while another area toe barely visited by park goers. Commet hollow was already tangled with coasters and rides and adding skyrush to the tanglement I just love!

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